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D is for Digital

The A-Z of being in business during tough times.

If your business isn’t online, you’re missing out on reaching a much wider audience than you could ever imagine… and countless sales + customers in the process.

It seems almost every person is walking around with a smartphone these days. And don't’ even get me started on the number of people ALWAYS glued to their screens!

Almost three quarters of internet users will access the web solely via their smartphones by 2025, according to a World Advertising Research Centre (WARC) report. That’s estimated to be around 3.7 billion - or 72.6 per cent of internet users worldwide - which means a jump of around 1.7 billion users over the next five years. Pretty mind blowing figures don’t you think?

So, it only makes perfect sense to want to be a part of the online business club and reap the rewards from the billions of users seeking out information and ways to make their lives better - hopefully using the product or service you offer.

My best advice is to get online ASAP. Whether it’s setting up a basic website and starting to get a decent SEO ranking on Google, launching a business page on Facebook or Instagram, or sharing contact on Pinterest. If you’re not online in some capacity right now, or in the process of getting online, those figures I mentioned earlier should be the motivation you need to get cracking.

If you’re not a tech savvy person, fear not. The beauty of the online growing and evolving means more professionals (like me) are stepping away from their 9-5 corporate jobs, starting up an online business so they can help business owners like you achieve their goals. And if money is a little tight right now, there are endless amounts of free information online giving you lots of tips + tricks on how to get started.

If you do have a business website, have you ever Googled the name of your business to see what comes up? If you can’t see it in the first couple of Google search result pages, you need to start thinking seriously about how you can change this. The same goes for searchable keywords. For instance, if you’re an accountant in Sydney, what happens when you search “accountant in Sydney” in a reputable search engine like Google? For such a common business in the NSW capital city, it’s only natural there would be hundreds, if not thousands of results. And this is where SEO can become your best friend.

It’s also important to sign your business up to Google Business which helps boost your ranking even more. Just take a look at your own search history… if you’re on holidays with a friend and you’re keen to grab a coffee at a nearby cafe, but you don’t want to drive around aimlessly looking for one, what do you do? I know I would get out my phone and Google “cafe near me”, or something similar.

And remember...

"Clarity is power". The clearer you are about what you want, the more likely you are to achieve it. Don't just survive - thrive!

Clarity Collaborations is the brainchild of founder and owner Clare Graham. Using her many years of working as a journalist, public relations professional and radio producer, Clare loves helping businesses change how they communicate with their customers + clients. And it all starts with clear + concise words and creative design. Clarity Collaborations is based in Gippsland, Victoria, and thanks to the wonders of technology, Clare is a location-independent freelancer which gives her the freedom to work with businesses and companies here in Australia and right across the globe.

Keen to start collaborating on your digital marketing, social media, website or public relations ideas? Book a free 15 minute Clarity brainstorm session now!

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